We’re your source for same day, on-site repair of broken iPhone and iPad devices in Kingston – whether it’s a battery issue or you just cracked your screen and need it fixed ASAP, give us a shout – we’re always here to help! We always have tons of parts in stock and our friendly technicians can diagnose your iPhone or iPad right away and let you know if it’s worth fixing and what you’re looking at in terms of cost and turnaround time. We aim to be the most transparent, honest and flexible iPhone repair service in Kingston, you can trust us to get the job done right and within a reasonable time frame.



Dropped your iPhone or iPad and cracked the screen? If you are in a pinch and need the device fixed ASAP and can’t wait, give us a call at (613) 519-4128 and we can get your device turned around as fast as possible. We use high quality OEM replacement parts and stand behind all our labor with a 30 day warranty. Don’t risk using low quality parts you find online or having an inexperienced professional take apart your phone, it can really cause problems. Any internal damage can make your phone useless and with Apple not supporting third party repair services the onus is on you as the consumer to find the best Kingston cell phone repair shops.


If you’ve got an older iPhone 4 or 5, you likely are frustrated with the battery life not lasting as long as it normally did when you first got the device. It’s usually when this happens that people end up just getting a new device, but what they and you might not know is that replacing the lithium-ion battery that came with your phone is a pretty easy procedure. There are a few screws and the back casing holding it in place, but once those are removed, we can have a brand new OEM quality battery installed that will last just as long as it used to. If there are no other serious issues with your phone, replacing the battery can be the most cost efficient way to extend the lifespan and avoid buying a newer device.

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